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You Can Now Get a Cookie Named After Kojo Nnamdi

The "Coco for Kojo" at Bread Furst has macadamia nuts, lime zest, white chocolate, and coconut.

Nnamdi on the mic at home last spring. Photograph by Rashad Young/WAMU.

The Kojo Nnamdi Show officially ended its 23-year WAMU run on April 1. Although Nnamdi is still hosting The Politics Hour on Fridays, we understand if you miss your daily Kojo fix.

But that’s nothing that a trip to Bread Furst can’t solve. Today, the Van Ness bakery launched its “Coco for Kojo” cookies, inspired by the DC media icon. The cookies are a blend of some of Nnamdi’s favorites: white chocolate, macadamia, lime zest, and coconut.

According to Twitter, the Bread Furst team originally presented Nnamdi with four cookie options (the others were a mango/lime shortbread and a pineapple/clove cookie, one with a pineapple glaze, the other with a rum glaze), but the “Coco for Kojo” was his favorite.

This isn’t the first time a food item has been named after a journalist (remember the LA sandwich shop that named all its menu items after NPR hosts?), but this specific cookie will likely hold a special place in Washingtonians’ hearts.

And if this trend continues, allow your correspondent to set the record straight in writing: In the highly unlikely event that a restaurant names something after yours truly, it must be a hot, pressed sandwich, and it must be called “The Pani-mimi.”

Mimi Montgomery Washingtonian
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