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A Naked Dude Streaked Across the Field at Last Night’s Nationals Game

The man slid across the wet tarp during the rain delay.

Though the Washington Nationals are still two weeks away from allowing fans back into their stadium at full capacity, the spectators who attended Wednesday’s game got to see much more than Joe Ross pitch four innings without giving up any runs. 

In the bottom of the third inning, as the Nats held a 3-0 lead over the visiting Cincinnati Reds, a heavy rain began and the umpires halted play. It was then, according to The Washington Post and videos from inside the stadium, that a nude streaker ran from the outfield and slid across the infield tarp. “He’s completely f——ing naked!” one fan can be heard saying in a video of the event, ““Oh my god.”

Video of the event from a fan:
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The streaker was able to briefly evade security by crawling inside the large tube that was used to unfurl the tarp.  “The crowd cheered louder than it had for any of the Nationals’ three runs,” the Post reported. “The streaker was their hero.”

After emerging from the tube, the streaker was reportedly apprehended. 

The game was eventually postponed due to the rain, and the two teams will play a double header Thursday to make up the remaining innings. It seems likely, though, that the only people on the field Thursday will be the players. 

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