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The Trump Team Has Launched a Social Media Platform

Also, GETTR could use a copy editor

A screen shot of the GETTR homepage

Politico reports former President Donald Trump’s team has finally launched the social media platform they’ve been touting for the past few months. Called “GETTR” and helmed by former Trump spokesman Jason Miller, the platform resembles a red-soaked version of Twitter with almost identical website features, including a “like,” “reply,” and “repost” button at the bottom of each post. It does not appear that you can direct message on the platform, though.

Unfortunate name notwithstanding—GETTR sounds an awful lot like “get her,” a possibly poor choice in a world whose political avatar is the man behind the Access Hollywood tape and the “lock her up” chants—the site could also use a copy editor. Copy on the GETTR web link reads, “GETTR is a non-bias [sic] social network for people all over the world. GETTR tried the best [sic] to provide best [sic] software quality to the users, allow [sic] anyone to express their opinion freely.” 

It’s currently unclear if Trump himself will set up an account on the platform, something that would surely boost its popularity, and, for better or worse, turn it into an assignment editor for a certain stratum of political media. There doesn’t appear to be an account for 45, nor for many of the other prominent figures of the Trump administration. An account with the username @donaldtrumpjr is promoted by the website and has 145 followers, but the account is unverified. Former Trump campaign comms director Tim Murtaugh and Senate candidate Sean Parnell both have verified accounts, the former’s page touting about 220,000 followers, the latter with almost 180,000. The conservative news site Newsmax has a verified account with close to 1 million followers, an improbable amount to be on the site after less than a day of existence.


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