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Dr. Fauci and Olivia Rodrigo Hung Out at the White House and It Was Adorable

The White House released a video of America's sweethearts reading tweets from their fans.

Dr. Fauci and Olivia Rodrigo. Screenshot via the White House.

By now, we’ve all seen the Chanel suit. And the incredible shoes. And the PSA. But on Friday, the White House revealed yet another highlight from Olivia Rodrigo’s trip to 1600 Pennsylvania earlier this week: a meeting between the pop star and Anthony Fauci, during which they gabbed and read fan tweets about the Covid vaccine. A lot of adorableness ensued, but here are some of our favorite moments.

  • Fauci spelled out “ppl” while reading one of the tweets. As in, the abbreviation for people. ( Tweet: “ppl made fun of those dr. fauci prayer candles but we got my dad one for his birthday…”)
  • Rodrigo told Fauci his bobblehead is “amazing.”
  • In fact, Rodrigo said she would like to have both a Fauci bobblehead and the Fauci prayer candle.
  • Fauci had “no idea” what “Man Crush Monday” was. Rodrigo explained that “on Mondays, people, like, post a picture of their boyfriends.”  Fauci’s reply: “If Man Crush Monday makes you get vaccinated, go for it!”
  • Fauci and Rodrigo agreed they can’t wait to go to a concert soon. And Fauci divulged that the “greatest concert” he’s ever attended was in the 1950s at the Paramount Theatre in New York, featuring the Temptations and the Four Tops. “I’m sorry, I’m a really old guy,” he told Rodrigo.
  • Rodrigo said she felt fatigued after her second vaccine shot. But Fauci said that was “excellent” because that meant her body’s immune system was positively responding!




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