10 Late-Night Places to Eat Around DC

Whether you're looking for Chinese food, pizza, or "sober soup," we've got you covered.

Gogi Yogi, DC's first tabletop Korean barbecue, in Shaw. Photography by Evy Mages

As more people begin to once again go out again and party the night away, there’s one hang-up: where do you eat after? Many go-to late-night spots still haven’t fully returned to their pre-pandemic hours, but that doesn’t mean you have to rely on refrigerated leftovers for your post-midnight cravings. We’ve found places open later than you’ll be out (hopefully):

CopyCat Co.
1110 H St., NE
Now that they’re recently back to their regular hours, it’s time for some Sichuan cuisine. This H Street bar serves favorites such as potstickers or salt & pepper eggplant, as well as several unique cocktails— such as the Peach Major made up of peach, amaretto, dry vermouth, and cognac—for anyone in need of a nightcap. They also offer a dish of pork and shrimp wontons and fried pork in a chicken and pork stock that’s literally called “sober soup” —almost as if they know what the late-night crowd needs. Sunday-Monday and Wednesday-Thursday 5 PM-2 AM (kitchen closes at midnight), Friday-Saturday 5 PM-3 AM (kitchen closes at 1 AM).

1778 U St., NW 
A mainstay in the late-night pizza scene, this place offers more than its iconic jumbo slice pizza. From buffalo wings to pizza fries to mozzarella sticks, Duccini’s has the type of alcohol-absorbing grub that only gets more desirable as the night goes on. Daily 11 AM-4 AM.

Gogi Yogi
1921 8th St., NW #115
Who doesn’t love Korean barbecue? Couldn’t be us. Their dining room and patio are open late night for drinks (you know you want a soju shot!) and small plates (including onion rings, kimchi fried rice, and Korean barbecue wings). On the theme, check out their “hangover soup” with scallions, turnips, short ribs, and rice. Monday-Thursday 5 PM-10 PM, Friday 5 PM-1 AM, Saturday 12 PM-1 AM, Sunday 12 PM-10 PM.

H & Chicken
716 H St., N.E
What’s more comforting after a long night than Southern food? Whether you go for the baked mac and cheese or the platter of waffles and chicken wings, you’re still probably going to wash it down with a slice of the red velvet cake. Monday–Thursday 6 AM -3 AM, Friday-Saturday 6 AM -4 AM, Sunday 7 AM -3 AM.

Mike & Lois’s Late Night Grill
1800 Belmont Road, NW (inside the HighRoad Hotel) 
Mike and Lois’s extensive menu or grilled delights includes a garlic bread grilled cheese sandwich and the triple meat burger. But their “stoner’s delight” selection of kimchi fries, loaded onion rings, and more might be the exact answer for any late-night rambler. Bonus: a portion of profits go toward helping address community hunger and homelessness. Monday-Saturday 6 PM- 2:30 AM.

1071 Wisconsin Ave., NW
Inspired by Lebanese street food, Muncheez’s menu has something for both the savory and sweet cravings. Chow down on shawarma, or indulge in a satisfyingly sugar crepe (add on strawberries or bananas if you need an extra fruit). Or, customize your own protein bowl, and top it off with one of their array of gluten-free sauces. Sunday-Wednesday 11 AM-2:30 AM, Thursday 11 AM-3:30 AM, Friday-Saturday 11 AM-4:30 AM.

New Big Wong
610 H St., NW
This no-frills Chinese spot is a favorite of local chefs after their shifts. Revive yourself with classic dishes like egg drop soup or steamed dumplings, or try some fried duck feet or the sautéed pig navel. And if you come with a crowd, their family dinner specials are a worthwhile bargain. Sunday-Thursday 3 PM-2 AM, Friday-Saturday 3 PM- 2 AM.

Old Ebbitt Grill
675 15th St., NW 
If you’re looking for a late-night raw oyster, this institution is the place for you. I mean, who would turn down a half-priced oyster or shellfish platter? Washington’s oldest saloon also has a variety of other options beyond their raw bar, including the fried calamari and bacon-horseradish glazed meatloaf. Monday-Thursday 11 AM-1 AM, Friday 11 AM-2 AM, Saturday 10 AM-2 AM, Sunday 10 AM-1 AM (kitchen closes one hour before closing).

Silver Diner
12276 Rockville Pike, Rockville; 3200 Wilson Blvd., Arlington; other locations 
The local diner chain has several locations in the DC area, but Rockville and Arlington outposts are the night owls of the bunch. Have yourself a three-egg omelette, a chicken pot pie, or one of their many burgers (including Beyond Meat!). Daily 6:30 AM-2 AM (Rockville); Sunday-Wednesday 7 AM-1 AM, Thursday 7 AM-2 AM, Friday-Saturday 7 AM-4 AM (Arlington).

1800 N St., NW 
While there are other locations in Tenleytown and at the Wharf, the 24-hour Dupont Circle taco stand is the go-to after a long night. The menu covers the essentials, including enchiladas, burritos, and nachos. But the fajita box, meant for five to seven, sounds like a beast worth trying to slay; it comes with your choice of protein, flour tortillas, guacamole, lime-cilantro rice, tortilla chips, and other assorted toppings. Open 24 hours daily.

Jason Fontelieu
Editorial Fellow