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There’s a New Documentary About Anthony Fauci—but It’s Mostly Not About Covid

Fauci looks at the doctor's role in the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Fauci. Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Anthony Fauci has become a household name due to his work during Covid, but a new documentary looks at the infectious disease specialist’s response to a different health crisis: the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Produced by National Geographic, Fauci premieres on September 10 at select theaters.

Although the documentary does not focus on our current situation, filmmakers draw parallels between Fauci’s role in both crises. According to Variety, the film was in the works before social distancing became a part of our everyday vocabulary. Footage of a younger Fauci in the 1980s is spliced with clips from the past 18 months, and the documentary highlights how he’s faced angry reactions to policies before. (Fauci was criticized for the government’s early lack of response to AIDS.)

Fauci himself participates in the film, along with AIDS activists and bold-faced names like Bill Gates, Bono, and George W. Bush. Interviews with the doctor’s wife and daughter provide an inside look at the man beneath the lab coat.

The film is screening at Union Market’s Angelika Pop-Up theater and the Avalon in Chevy Chase. Befitting the subject of the documentary, both locations are requiring proof of vaccination.

Watch the Fauci trailer:

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