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RIP to the Dave Thomas Circle Wendy’s

The oddly located fast-food spot will close Tuesday.

Photograph by Flickr user airbus777.

Don’t wait if you want to visit the Wendy’s in “Dave Thomas Circle:” The oddly located fast-food joint will close for good after Tuesday.

The District of Columbia is determined to erase perhaps the world’s only traffic circle devoted to Baconators and Frosties—plonked on a triangle of land where First Street, Northeast, and New York and Florida avenues meet. It acquired the ground under the Wendy’s in February and plans to redesign the currently dangerous intersection to create three new parks, add protected bike lanes, and just make the whole mess easier to navigate.

Mayor Bowser announced that the Wendy’s would soon close via Twitter Friday night. Some may mourn; others have chosen to channel their feelings into jokes on Twitter. There’s no right way to meet the moment—we all must do what feels best.

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