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People Are Making Fun of WMATA’s $21 Compensation for People on Derailed Train

The new subject of criticism emerges as passengers are already fuming over this week's delays.

Photograph by Flickr user Andrew Bossi.

With passengers already fuming over this week’s service disruptions, Metro officials have further alienated customers with a bizarre attempt to make amends for one of its recent failings.

Last Tuesday, firefighters had to evacuate roughly 200 passengers from a Blue Line train after it derailed not far from the Arlington Cemetery station. According to NBC4, first responders transported one person to a local hospital. 

Now, according to NBC4’s Adam Tuss, Metro is trying to atone for this safety failure by compensating the passengers who were onboard the train when it derailed. 

How much compensation is Metro providing? A SmartTrip credit worth $21.


On a day that passengers are already fed up with the lengthy delays to their commutes, the early public reviews for the compensation package have been harsh. Here are the most unsparing that we found on Twitter:


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