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The Internet Is Thirsting for Joe Biden’s Hot Secret Service Agent

TikTok videos of the agent, who accompanied the President over Thanksgiving, have gone viral.

Photograph from @life_with_matt on TikTok.

In this fragmented political landscape, can anything unite the country quite like our collective thirst?

The question was put to the test during the Thanksgiving holiday when the Biden family decamped to Nantucket. Naturally, residents whipped out their phones to capture footage of the occasion—but attention quickly turned from the President to the debonair Secret Service agent accompanying him. Donning Ray Ban sunglasses and a trench coat, the tall, coiffed guard now has denizens of the internet wondering what they can do to get on his watch list. (“How can one be arrested by the secret service? Asking for a friend,” commented TikTok user Meggie Berhmann.)

Tiktoker Matthew Notarangelo, posting under the username @life_with_matt, was the first to break the pressing news. “Forget about the PRESIDENT,” he wrote. “The ‘SECRET SERVICE’ be looking fine.” The video now has more than 421,000 likes.


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Comment sections on other videos reveal the depths of TikTok’s infatuation. User @magsmur also uploaded a clip of the agent, yielding almost 2,000 comments obsessing over the protective detail.


@Matthew Notarangelo I called dibs first #presidentbiden #nantucket #fyp #joebiden #massachusetts

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TikTok user Alex Peterkin also expressed appreciation: “Honestly the best use of my tax dollars.”

Some commenters identified the agent as a mere thread within a larger quilt of hotness. “Let me tell you as a govt atty here in DC, Secret Service is one of the few groups of attractive men here and they’re always on the move smh,” commented Ashley Samantha.

Another user expanded beyond the Department of Homeland Security. “This is giving me too high expectations that the FBI guy watching my phone is hot,” wrote Taylor Walker.

TikToker @teresamcd2 even gave the law enforcement agency a new moniker: “Biden’s Baddies is how I will refer to his Secret Service from now on.”


“What do you wanna tell Joe Byron’s Secret Service agent right now?” … SUP BABY, TAKE ME OUT TO DINNER 🥵 #presidentjoebiden #nantucket #iminlove

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The identity of the agent remains unknown. Secret Service’s motto is “worthy of trust and confidence.” We trust this agent is feeling pretty confident right now.


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