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UVA Will Require Booster Shots Next Semester

The mandate will apply to all booster-eligible students, faculty, and staff.

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As the nation buckles down for another surge of covid cases, a leading Virginia university is requiring covid vaccine booster shots for the upcoming semester.  

The University of Virginia announced Tuesday that it will mandate its students, faculty, and staff to receive the shots before they can attend classes, sleep in the dorms, or work on campus next year, according to The Roanoke Times.

In an email to the university’s community, UVA leaders said the decision was made “with the advice of our public health experts” and “after careful consideration of current and projected public health conditions, including the progression of the new omicron variant,” according to The Roanoke Times, which obtained the email. 

According to UVA’s website, all booster-edible faculty, staff, and students will have to provide proof that they’ve received their booster shot to the university by February 1 of next year. 

The university said it will provide more information about the booster requirement in the New Year. 

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