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4 Entirely Plausible Reasons Dan Snyder Is in Cannes Instead of Appearing Before Congress

His yacht and his plane are in the South of France. What more do you need to know?

Commanders owner Dan Snyder. Photograph by Flickr user Keith Allison.

When Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder told Congress he couldn’t appear before a US House of Representatives committee that’s investigating his team’s workplace culture, he expressed reservations about the way the committee was approaching its work. But an important factor in saying no: Snyder had “longstanding plans to be out of the country on business matters” on June 22, his lawyer wrote.

What international business made it impossible for Dan Snyder to be in the US? According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Snyder’s yacht, the Lady S, is docked at Cannes, and both his and co-owner Tanya Snyder’s private planes have been spotted in Nice.

So what important business could keep Dan Snyder in the South of France? He’s reportedly attending some sort of awards ceremony at the advertising biz’s Cannes Lions: The International Festival of Creativity, going on now in the Riviera. This explanation does not appear to have moved the House Oversight Committee, but there are possible other reasons Snyder and the Lady S are tied up right now.

Maybe Snyder is restarting his movie career?

You may remember Valkyrie, the 2008 Tom Cruise vehicle Snyder executive-produced. Hmm, no, you don’t? Surely then you remember 2014’s 23 Blast, which he also exec-prodded? See, you’re proving my point. Snyder needs to make more films.

He could be looking for someone to write a Hollywood ending for Carson Wentz…

Something has to explain that trade, right? How about one of those endlessly creative film-world types?  Or maybe some French intellectual who understands the untapped power of absurdity in the citadel of capitalist imperialism when married to the sanitized brutality of sport?

He’s offering moral support to Emmanuel Macron?

The French President just lost a majority in parliament and has a complex relationship with his country’s elites. Under Snyder, the Washington Commanders have lost their grip on Washington fandom and Snyder has a complex relationship with pretty much everyone. He could totally lend a sympathetic ear.

He’s a Man in the Iron Mask fan?

The Île Sainte-Marguerite is a short yacht ride away from Cannes.

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