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What to Expect From the Lady Gaga Concert Tonight at Nats Park

Tickets are still available to the long-awaited show.

While Nats Park may be mourning the loss of one of its stars, it’ll at least welcome another one—pop star Lady Gaga—if just for tonight. The 13-time Grammy winner performs at 7:30 p.m. in the stadium. Here’s what to know and expect.

You can still go!

Good news for Gaga’s “Little Monsters” in the area—there are still tickets left to the show. The remaining tickets, which you can buy online or in person at the park’s box office, currently start at $122. You won’t need a mask or proof of vaccination to enter, but Nats Park’s bag policy (requiring clear bags for anything larger than a clutch) will be in effect. 

The tour was originally set for the summer of 2020

DC is one of 17 cities worldwide chosen for Gaga’s all-stadium Chromatica Ball tour, which began overseas last month after being twice postponed due to (do we need to say it?) Covid. The tour, originally announced in March 2020, is based on Gaga’s 2020 album Chromatica.

This also marks Gaga’s return to touring

Not only is the Chromatica Ball part of a general return to stadium tours since the pandemic’s onset, it personally marks Gaga’s first tour since she had to cancel her previous one, the Joanne World Tour, in 2018. According to Rolling Stone magazine, severe pain caused by fibromyalgia forced Gaga off the stage.

“There was a time I thought I’d never be on stage again,” tweeted Gaga last month. “I was so sad I couldn’t even dream anything but a painful nightmare. I’ve overcome my nightmare with love, support, trust, truth, bravery, talent and dedication.”

Gaga, who has been open about struggling with anxiety and depression, will also donate some of the proceeds from the tour to youth mental-health organizations via Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.

“Mother Monster” is back

According to Vogue, you can expect to see a darker, edgier Gaga emerge from the fog on tonight’s stage, which is decorated in the style of brutalist architecture, reflecting Gaga’s hardships and pain.

“The singer has said the Chromatica Ball tour is a journey around trauma and healing, so the clothes play an integral role in telling that story,” writes Christian Allaire for Vogue. “While her songs deal with a grappling of her inner demons, the fashion also appears ready for combat.”

You’ll bop to old and new hits, from “Poker Face” to “Babylon”

According to NBC Today, the concert’s set list will include:

  1. “Bad Romance”
  2. “Poker Face”
  3. “Just Dance”
  4. “Chromatica I” into “Alice”
  5. “Replay”
  6. “Monster”
  7. “Chromatica II” into “911”
  8. “Sour Candy”
  9. “Telephone”
  10. “LoveGame”
  11. “Chromatica III” into “Babylon”
  12. “Free Woman”
  13. “Born This Way”
  14. “Shallow”
  15. “Always Remember Us This Way”
  16. “The Edge Of Glory”
  17. “Enigma”
  18. “Stupid Love”
  19. “Rain On Me”
  20. “Hold My Hand”

Jessica Ruf
Assistant Editor