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The Wharf Is Getting Electric Shuttles

The rides will launch this spring to reduce traffic and congestion.

Photograph courtesy of Jackie Plein.

Some good news for those who’ve ever tried to find parking around The Wharf or have paid for parking at one of its garages (where it’s $28 to park for two hours on the weekend): An on-demand electric shuttle service is coming to the neighborhood.

The shuttles, operated by a group called Circuit, will launch this spring as part of Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Mobility Innovation District. The $3 million project aims to “improve equitable access to transportation for residents and visitors in Southwest and create a global innovation hub.”

Photograph courtesy of Jackie Plein.

The shuttles will run during peak hours, and it will be a $2 flat fee for most to ride, although the city will subsidize free rides for some residents.

The Wharf opened in 2017 and has since attracted millions of visitors to its entertainment venues and businesses. And along with that comes increased traffic: The city hopes that adding the electric shuttles will increase neighborhood accessibility, reduce congestion, and promote the use of more sustainable transportation methods.

Katie Kenny
Editorial Fellow