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Here’s Which DC Embassies Will Be Open to Trick-or-Treaters This Halloween

Plan your route along Massachusetts Avenue.

Even before the pandemic, the time-honored tradition of kids and college students trick-or-treating at embassies along Massachusetts Avenue had been waning. Alas, several former participants we spoke to—including the embassies of Finland, the United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey, Japan, Australia, Guatemala, and the Bahamas—will not hand out candy this year.

Still, there are a few Embassy Row doors worth knocking on Monday afternoon. Here’s who will take part in the Halloween festivities:

Greek Embassy 
2217 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Noon to 4 PM.

Irish Embassy 
2234 Massachusetts Ave., NW
2 to 5 PM.

Indonesian Embassy
2020 Massachusetts Ave., NW
11 to 5 PM.

Portuguese Embassy 
2012 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Unspecified afternoon hours.

Embassy of Lesotho
2511 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Unspecified afternoon hours.

Slovenian Embassy
2410 California St., NW
Unspecified afternoon hours. 


Peter Njoroge
Editorial Fellow