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Today in Silver Line Discoveries: Brambleton’s “Penis Park”

An aerial view of Legacy Park leaves little to the imagination.

Brambleton's Legacy Park. Screenshot by Keely Bastow.

Maybe you haven’t gotten caught up in the highly intellectual discourse about Brambleton, Virginia’s Legacy Park, otherwise known as “penis park.” Let us fill you in. 

The 11-acre outdoor space opened in 2002 with playgrounds, basketball courts, and a sand volleyball court among its many features. On the east side is an elementary school and a Presbyterian church, and on the west is Brambleton Town Center. The centrally located park is a hub of community activity, but–as several Reddit and Twitter users have noted–it is also shaped like a penis.  

In 2016, one Reddit user called it a “City planning win.” Others couldn’t believe it was real. Some were frustrated that this always comes up at the mention of Brambleton. The Google image screen capture of the phallically-shaped park pops up in different threads every now and then, from r/theyknew to r/mildlypenis.

But the park re-entered public discourse yesterday when Robb Dooling, an ANC commissioner in DC, tweeted about it in relation to the Silver Line extension, which opened on November 15

It’s true, the park is just a ten minute drive from the newly opened Ashburn Metro station, but curious Washingtonians may still find it difficult to visit–the 3.3 mile walk from the station would take over an hour. However, if you do make the trek, expect a vibrant community scene; the park regularly holds events, including Easter egg hunts, outdoor movies, neighborhood campouts, and more. 

There’s been no confirmation that planners intentionally shaped the park to resemble anything in particular, but it would be hard to believe it was completely accidental. It’s just one of those things you can’t un-see

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