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Free Advice: Don’t Throw Things at the Russian Embassy

One person allegedly did, and Secret Service took them to the slammer.

The Russian Embassy in northwest DC. Photograph via iStock.

This seems fairly obvious (one would think!), but here is a solid tip: Don’t toss things at DC embassies. There’s a pretty good chance you will regret it.

Just look at what happened yesterday evening. According to the Secret Service, somebody tossed an unknown object over the fence of the Russian embassy. Officers arrived at 5:46 PM and made an arrest. Secret Service spokesperson Steven Kopek says that the alleged perpetrator—who has not been identified—was later taken to the 2nd District Police Station for processing, and the DC Police explosive ordnance division declared the scene safe. It’s unclear whether this was a targeted tossing or if it was just somebody disposing of a bit of trash, but either way, the apparent impulse proved unwise. 

So if the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has you wanting to launch objects at the embassy, our suggestion is to take a beat and express yourself in a less arrest-able way, like projecting a giant Ukrainian flag, installing an evocative sign, or even playing some cello.

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