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Sleeping Kids and a Sad Pizza Party: 4 Things That Happened at the Capitol Yesterday

The new session of Congress is off to a dramatic start.

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In case you missed it, there was chaotic energy at the Capitol on Tuesday. What was supposed to be a day filled with run-of-the-mill leadership votes and swearing-in ceremonies descended into chaos when Kevin McCarthy lost the Speaker of the House vote not once, not twice, but three times. Amid the main spectacle, here’s what else happened yesterday at the Capitol.

A Congressman will be sworn in on the Constitution with a Superman comic underneath

Superman will fly into the House swearing-in ceremony, thanks to a comic book on loan from the Library of Congress. California Representative-elect Robert Garcia shared on Tuesday that he will take his oath of office on the Constitution, stacked on top of a first edition Superman #1 comic from 1939. The vintage tale of heroism will be stacked among Garcia’s citizenship certificate and a photograph of his parents. In a statement to the New York Post, spokesperson Sara Guerrero shared that the congressman-elect—who immigrated from Peru at age five—learned to read English from Superman comics.

Kids were napping on the House floor

In anticipation of swearing-in ceremonies, yesterday was an unofficial Take Your Child to Congress Day. However, the hold up in the House meant proceedings included more waiting around than anticipated. In the tradition of adolescent angst everywhere, there were bored kids slumped over with arms crossed—the international symbol for “please just let me go home”—and some outright napping on the House floor. Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time someone took a snooze in the chamber…

Kevin McCarthy ordered Wiseguy Pizza

What better way to drown your sorrows than in cheese and marinara? A stack of pies from Wiseguy Pizza were spotted rolling towards McCarthy’s office following his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. (A pizza night for House Republicans was canceled amid the mayhem.) The New York-style slices weren’t the only food deliveries to the Capitol: The New York Times reports bags from chicken chain Chick-fil-A were also toted through the halls.

Two women are once again at the top of the presidential line of succession

Unlike their colleagues in the House, the Senate was able to move through a vote yesterday, electing Patty Murray to Senate president pro tempore—the first woman to hold the position. Until there is a new House Speaker, Murray is third in line for the presidency. She follows Vice President Kamala Harris in the line of succession, which means two women currently hold the top spots to succeed the president for the second time in history.

Daniella Byck
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