DC-Area Bakeries Selling Hamantaschen Cookies for Purim

Local bakeries offering classic flavors and modern twists.

Photo courtesy of Call Your Mother Deli

The Jewish holiday of Purim begins on Monday, March 6 bringing with it opportunities to eat more hamantaschen and learn about the culinary story behind the celebration.

Foods eaten around Purim vary, but the most visible dish in the United States is hamantaschen—buttery, triangular shaped cookies with a pocket for filling the center. Hamantaschen symbolize the hat worn by Haman, a fourth century BC antisemitic minister in the Persian court who plotted to massacre all the Jewish people in the kingdom. Thanks to the heroic acts of Queen Esther, the plot unraveled and Haman was sent to the gallows.

Today, people commemorate the ancient story with costumes, festivals, charitable giving, and of course, eating hamantaschen. Here’s where to get yours ahead of the holiday (or in some cases, year round.)

Call Your Mother Deli
Available for delivery and pickup at all locations except for Bethesda Trolley. 
These boxes of six include two-each of the following flavors: pineapple, chocolate-coconut dulce de leche, and red fruit. A portion of every sale will go to World Central Kitchen as they work to provide meals to those suffering from the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Each box is $19. The pre-order deadline for pickup and delivery is Friday, March 3, but remaining products will be available to buy in stores on March 5 and March 6. Order here. 

Pastries by Randolph
4500 Cherry Hill Rd., Arlington

Randolph’s is offering an extravaganza of kosher Purim treats, such as vibrant mask-shaped cookies, decorated dessert strawberries, and Purim “Color Me” cookies covered in white icing ready for decorating. Hamantaschen can be ordered in regular or miniature sizes and come with apple, apricot, cherry, raspberry, prune, or poppy filling. Purim items are available for custom order through Saturday, March 3 and then in store through March 6. Place orders through 

Whipped Up Bakery
5823 Osceola Rd., Bethesda

For a second year in a row, Whipped Up Bakery is participating in the “Hamantaschen for Ukraine” fundraiser. The bakery sends 100 percent of donations directly to the Legacy of War Foundation’s Ukrainian Crisis Fund. Order a dozen for $18 or half dozen for $9, and mix and match fillings such as raspberry, lemon, cookie butter and apricot. Pre-order deadline ahead of Purim is March 7, but Whipped Up Bakery sells the cookies year-round. Order via Instagram direct message or by emailing 


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Available at all locations.

Tatte has sold handmade hamantaschen around every Purim since it opened in Boston in 2008. The cookies come with strawberry, Nutella, and poppyseed fillings, and are sold individually at $2.85 apiece. Hamantaschen will be sold through March 6 and are available for purchase for walk-ins or for orders scheduled ahead of time for pickup. 

Red Bandana Bakery
8218 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda

Red Bandana is sticking with the classics (mostly). The bakery is selling
apricot, poppy, raspberry, chocolate, and funfetti hamantaschen for $3.30 apiece or $33 a dozen. All flavors are available in vegan and non-vegan options. Pre-Purim orders ended March 2, but cookies are still available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Julia Rosenberg
Editorial Fellow