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The Best Pre-Peak Bloom Cherry Blossom Phase Is Nearly Here

It's almost peduncle elongation time, people.

Soon. Photograph by Dennis Ludlow via iStock/Getty Images Plus.

The Yoshino cherry trees around DC’s Tidal Basin hit an important milestone Tuesday: They’re at the “florets extended” phase, the midpoint on their journey to peak bloom.

The cherry trees have rocketed through the stages of bloom, hitting “green buds” on March 1 and “florets visible” six days later. Now we’re already at “extension of florets”? They grow up so fast!

Anyway, true blossom heads know what’s in the mail: The absolute best pre-peak-bloom stage. I’m talking about “peduncle elongation,” people. That stage usually occurs a few days after extension of florets, and it usually heralds the imminent arrival of peak bloom. Elongate, you peduncles! We can’t wait to meet you.

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