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Could a Pot Plant Be Coming to the U.S. Botanic Garden?

Eleanor Holmes Norton sent a letter to the executive director asking for one.

Photograph by Anthony Quintano/Flickr.

Is it possible you could check out a weed plant at the U.S. Botanic Garden in the future? Maybe.

On Wednesday, Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton sent a letter to Susan K. Pell, executive director of the Botanic Garden, requesting that the garden display a marijuana plant. In the letter, Norton notes that a display would highlight the impact of marijuana on “American society and, especially, the American economy.” If the Botanic Garden agrees, it will be mark first time it’s displayed weed. 

It is still federally illegal to possess, manufacture, or distribute marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act, though 22 states and DC have legalized the drug. There have been repeated attempts in Congress to either reschedule marijuana to a less restricted class of drugs or remove it from the list of controlled substances completely.

Previously, the Botanic Garden accepted Norton’s 2021 request to display hemp after it was legalized.

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