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DC’s Stuffed Groundhog Predicts an Early Spring

We experienced early summer just last week.

Photograph by Joe Flood/Flickr.

Is it time to put away those winter coats? According to DC’s stuffed groundhog, best known as Potomac Phil, spring will come early this year. The taxidermy groundhog, sourced from home goods store Miss Pixie’s, plays meteorologist at an annual Groundhog Day event in Dupont Circle. Our local groundhog’s forecast aligns with his brother Punxsutawney Phil, who did not see his shadow and also shared a prophecy for warmer days soon. 

The possibility of an early spring may not come as a surprise for residents. We already experienced whispers of a premature summer just last week: On Friday, January 26, the city hit 80 degrees, breaking the record for the hottest temperature ever recorded in January.

However, we recommend against making plans based on Potomac Phil’s prediction. After all, he is a stuffed groundhog, so his meteorology skills are likely a little rusty. Last year, Potomac Phil also prophesied an early spring, but Capitol Weather Gang didn’t declare winter officially over until nearly seven weeks later. Better to keep those coats out of storage for now.

Omega Ilijevich
Editorial Fellow