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DC’s Is Spending Big on Four Super Bowl Ads

Dan Levy, Lil Wayne, and Heidi Gardner will all appear.

Photograph by Dave Adamson/Unsplash.

We won’t know how this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads stack up until Sunday, but a quartet of spots from the site seems likely to stand out. The commercials will feature celebrity appearances—Dan Levy, Lil Wayne, and Heidi Gardner—and the site’s parent company says it’s spending $1 billion on the overall campaign, which will continue long after it debuts this weekend. In fact, the company is hyping up the ads to such an extent that the commercials have their own commercial, which you can watch below if you’re for some reason inclined. claims that its ads will reach more than 90 percent of American households and says the campaign will also appear during big events like the Oscars, the Grammys, the Paris Olympics, and the NBA Finals. is real estate information site that’ a subsidiary of CoStar Group, the DC-based company that owns brands like and LoopNet. (CoStar’s CEO, Andy Florance, was included on Washingtonian’s Tech Titans list last year.) Want more info? We’re pretty sure it will be arriving on your television pretty soon.