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Climate Protesters Arrested During Congressional Baseball Game

Capitol Police say they were prepared for the interference at Nationals Park.

Police tackle a climate protester who ran onto the field at Nationals Park, June 12, 2024. Screenshot from video by Josie Reich.

At 7:53 PM, during the second inning of the 91st annual Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park, eight climate protesters jumped over a fence onto the field. Almost immediately, US Capitol Police officers tackled them to the turf — they’d been expecting the raid. Youth climate group Climate Defiance had posted their plan on X the day before.

Police had been guarding easy access points to the field since before the start of the game, so protesters jumped from high up in the stands. Before the game, activists from Climate Defiance had been chanting outside the park gate as spectators streamed in, and a wall of police had first met them there.

Some spectators chanted “USA! USA!” as the protesters were handcuffed. Others cheered in support of the protesters. After the arrests, dozens of officers took position around the outfield.

All eight protesters have been issued federal charges for interfering with Capitol police, according to a statement posted by the US Capitol Police on X. The statement said that the police had planned for the protests during their meetings leading up to the game.

Climate protesters are led away at Nationals Park, June 12, 2024. Screenshot from video by Josie Reich.

After a 2017 shooting at a Congressional Baseball Game practice in Alexandria in which six people were injured including GOP Congressman Steve Scalise, the United States Capitol Police Memorial Fund, which honors the officers who were present at the shooting, was added to the list of charities the game benefits.

Helen Huiskes
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