100 Very Best Restaurants 2013: Johnny’s Half Shell

The bar at Johnny's Half Shell restaurant in Washington, DC. Photograph by Chris Campbell.

Ann Cashion has been hailed over the years for championing
local foods, but the James Beard Award winner is perhaps more properly
understood as an advocate for place. At her bustling Capitol Hill
restaurant, the traditions of the Mid-Atlantic are given their due in
unfussy preparations, while the divides of Congress are surmounted as
politicos find commonality in food and drink.

It doesn’t hurt that Cashion sends out some of the city’s
finest seafood, from perfect crabcakes to an immensely satisfying grilled

Leave room for cakes and pies that, like the restaurant, never
show off and always hit the spot. Don’t miss: Barbecue
shrimp; grilled chicken wings; tequila-cured gravlax; charbroiled oysters;
oyster stew; sautéed soft-shells; crab imperial; lemon chess pie;
chocolate angel-food cake. Open: Monday through Friday
for lunch and dinner, Saturday for dinner.

100 Very Best Restaurants 2013

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