100 Very Best Restaurants 2015: No. 46 Sushi Taro

When dining at Dupont mainstay Sushi Taro, do not miss yellowtail belly in either sushi or sashimi form. Photograph by Scott Suchman.

The second-floor dining room is as hushed as a day spa—only the tinkling fountains, the scentless candles, and the New Age music are missing. The staff, on the other hand, plays its part perfectly, with an ethereal quietness that makes you feel bad for speaking above a whisper.

The best meals are to be had by ordering heavily, if not exclusively, from the daily list of fish specials. Or opt for one of chef Nobu Yamazaki’s kaiseki, or tasting, menus, which embody the time-honored virtues of Japanese cooking—harmony, balance, color, delicacy, and pacing. And, not least, deliciousness.

Don’t miss:

  • Hot or cold soba noodles with tempura or tororo (a sticky yam)
  • Bara chirashi (an assortment of fish and vegetables over rice)
  • Tonkatsu ramen (lunch only)
  • Sushi and sashimi, including cured gizzard shad, premium yellowtail, live abalone, bay scallop, fatty tuna, and king salmon

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