Cheap Eats 2017: Cosmopolitan Grill

Cheap Eats 2017: Cosmopolitan Grill
Photo by Scott Suchman.

Even if you’re new to Bosnian cooking, this burgundy-toned restaurant feels like a homecoming. Credit warm service and bountiful grandmotherly fare, such as thinly pounded veal smothered in mushroom cream sauce. Servers aren’t always the most reliable shepherds when it comes to ordering, but here you can be confident asking for advice. We did and were rewarded with an off-menu specialty of jaeger schnitzel—crisp veal stuffed with hot peppers and cheese. Given the portions, it may seem counterintuitive to start with sausage, but the grilled cevapcici aren’t to be missed. Also good: Spaetzle with fried onions; Nutella crepes.

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