Fire It Up: 5 Hot Sauces We Love

Looking to turn up the heat in your kitchen? Local chefs and entrepreneurs are whipping up hot sauces in a global range of flavors.

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Uncle Brutha’s Allsauce No. 9

District native Brennan “Uncle Brutha” Proctor blends serrano chilies, ginger, and cilantro for his smoky twist ($8) on Mexican salsa verde. All the ingredients are natural and gluten-free.

Best for: Eggs and fish or pork tacos.

Where to find it: Order online at


Woodberry Kitchen Snake Oil

Chef Spike Gjerde of Baltimore’s Woodberry Kitchen uses fish peppers for this searing sauce ($12). The chili shows up on his menu in everything from deviled eggs to Bloody Marys.

Best for: Dashing on rich seafood dishes.

Where to find it: Salt & Sundry in Union Market, 1309 Fifth St., NE; 202-556-1866.


Apinya Thai Chili Sauce

Love Sriracha? Try this similarly flavored Thai sauce ($6) out of Herndon. It delivers a bigger hit of ginger plus hints of garlic and roasted bell peppers.

Best for: Marinades, Asian noodles, and grilled meats.

Where to find it: Order online at


Capital City Sweet Hot Mumbo Sauce

The District’s iconic condiment ($5)—a flavor mash-up of barbecue and sweet-and-sour sauces—gets extra punch from cayenne and habanero peppers.

Best for: Eggs and fish or pork tacos.

Where to find it: Order online at


Small Small Red Pepper Sauce

Aromatic berbere—a spice mix that’s a key ingredient in Ethiopia’s long-simmered stews—is the basis for this complex and fragrant sauce ($9).

Best for: Marinating meats and vegetables or substituting for awaze, a hot-pepper paste.

Where to find it: Order online at


Photographs by Jeff Elkins.

This article appears in the April 2013 issue of The Washingtonian.

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