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February 2014 Crossword Puzzle Answer Key



6.Music style that’s also a food

11.Simple earrings

16.It awaits your return

19.Angry person’s comment

20.Tested out

21.Annoying ad

22.Word before footage or vegetables


25.Moved past, as an unpleasant ordeal*


28.German city where Einstein was born

29.Dissimilar to

31.Foaming at the mouth

32.Photosynthesis stuff*

35.Archeological discovery of 1799*

37.Spooky skill

38.“What ___ care?”

40.Dr. of rap

41.Noble action

42.Graceful swimmer

45.Stress, in Sopranosscripts

47.Iowa city

49.Light sources*

54.Wants a hand

59.From Tehran, say


62.One way to pay

63.Ball star, for short

64.Street ___ (bona fides)

66.Recruited religiously*

68.Cartoon shriek

70. The Simpsonstavern

72.Alternative to -ville or -town

73.“Well done!”

74. Beverly Hills, 90210spinoff*

78.High-school rite of passage

80.Base cops: abbr.

83.“This is ___ big misunderstanding”

84.Spanish rice dish

85.Patiently elicited, as feelings

87.Appliance often used in the morning

89. The Devil’s Dictionaryauthor*

93.Get better

95.Waste channel


97.Clucked one’s disapproval

100.Thingy in a dinghy


104.Wine container

106.Part of the Washington Post*

109.Italian sparkling wine*

114.___ to the Moon(noted French film of 1902)


117.___ de table

118.“Now I get it!”

119.Do a district attorney’s job*

121.Traditional February gift, which you’ll find hidden among the starred answers*

124.Tupperware cover


126.Green beans

127.Clear completely

128.Suffix with Sudan or South Sudan

129.On your toes

130.Teacher in the Harry Potter books

131.Chills out



2.Actor Hirsch of Into the Wild

3.146 years from now

4.Avenel number

5.Scents, in the British spelling

6.Wineglass parts

7.Story’s path

8.Zodiac animal

9.Mexican miss


11.Relatively nimble

12.Enjoyed Earl Grey

13.Unexpected victory

14.Word on a bill

15.Least populated

16.Classic Isaac Asimov book


18.Greta Garbo or Björn Borg

24.Pig’s food

26.Upside-down sleepers

30.1960s drug

33.Mortise and ___ (woodworker’s joint)

34.Small lead


39.Word after snake or sesame

42.Slam on the brakes

43.Used to be

44.Richard Strauss comedy of 1933

45.Ben Stiller’s mom

46.Part of AFL-CIO

48.Not from a store

50.Michael Moore movie

51.Listening device?


53.Just average

55.Bad to the bone

56.Tom of Saving Private Ryanand Black Hawk Down

57.Take advantage of


61.College Park athlete


66.One of a biblical 150

67.Oscar-winning Marisa

69.Historian’s periods

71.Jazz great Fitzgerald

74.Yoga ___

75.1970s-’80s rock band

76.Goes too fast

77.Hailed rides

79.Heavenly sphere

81.Purple-brown shade

82.Part of a process

86.One of the six simple machines

88. Seinfeldepisode featuring a performance of Pagliacci

90.Got under control

91.Symbol of Athena



97.Video game with Russian music

98.Took big steps

99.Jenner or Humphries


102.Next city to host the Summer Olympics, for short

104.Fontaine or Baez

105.Person of great interest?

106.Leaf on Canada’s flag


108.Talking tests

110.Piece maker?

111.Honduras houses

112.Where the pectoral muscles are

113.Watering holes in the desert

116.Capital of Italia

120.Movie frame

122.Get with a ray gun

123.Mineral-rich rock

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