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Best of Washington 2012: Let Them Eat Cake Pops

From children’s parties to bridal showers, cake pops—balls of cake and frosting dipped in candy coating—are everywhere. We gathered 12 different pops from area bakeries to see which would win approval from kids.

Our cake-pop connoisseurs: Joshua, Zoya, Norah, Morgan, Elena, Hope, Theodor, Jackson, and Tess. Photograph of cake-pop testers by Vincent Ricardel.

Cookies-and-Cream Cake Pop

$2.75 each,
Baked by Yael

“I like it because it tastes like Oreo,” said Tess, a taster. This pop, with its baby-blue candy coating, was a hit with both children and their parents. 202-480-9235;

Chocolate Cake Pop

$2 to $2.25 each,
DC Cakepops

The kids were sweet on this very sweet chocolate pop—the festive pink and purple coatings and sprinkles earned points, too. 202-407-3775;

Double Trouble Chocolate Cake Pop

$2 each, Stix

While some kids found this rich chocolate-coated chocolate cake pop “too chocolaty,” adults who tried the offering from the Stix food truck ate it up.

Red-Velvet Cake Pop

$2.65 each, Buzz Bakery

Another adult-approved treat was the red-velvet pop with white-chocolate icing by Buzz Bakery. Arlington, 703-650-9676; Alexandria, 703-600-2899;

Best of Washington 2012
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