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Top Dentists 2013: Washingtonians With Winning Smiles

Which well-known Washingtonians have the most beautiful smiles? We put that question to the 2,000 dentists who received our Top Dentists survey. Here are their favorites.

Photograph of Michelle Obama by Chuck Kennedy/White House, photograph of Barack Obama by Pete Souza/White House, photograph of O’Donnell by Charles Norfleet/Getty Images, photograph of Biden by David Lienemann/White House, photograph of Gentzler courtesy of WRC/NBC4, and photograph of Griffin by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.

Michelle Obama
The First Lady came in second only to her husband among our survey-takers. One dentist called her smile “bright and healthy.” But not everyone agreed: Another suggested that Mrs. Obama needs braces.

Barack Obama
Although sequestration and other battles with Congress don’t always give him reason to smile, the President was the hands-down favorite among dentists we surveyed, who called his smile “beautiful” and “charismatic.”

Norah O’Donnell
Millions of viewers wake up to O’Donnell’s smile each weekday, as she co-hosts CBS This Morning. Having a dazzling smile probably hasn’t hurt when she’s had to ask tough questions at the White House or on Face the Nation, either.

Joe Biden
While some dentists call his teeth “unnatural,” the Vice President has fans. His very white teeth have inspired late-night jokes, the website, and this Seattle Weekly headline: “Joe Biden’s Teeth Win Vice Presidential Debate!”

Doreen Gentzler
Is it her winning smile that has made the Channel 4 news anchor such a longtime fan favorite? With coanchor Jim Vance often cracking jokes by Gentzler’s side, she frequently has occasion to flash those pearly-whites.

Robert Griffin III
“I know he has spaces” between his teeth, one dentist wrote on our survey, “but I love RG3’s smile.” Other dentists agreed: The Redskins quarterback has a million-dollar smile. Or should we say a $21-million one?

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