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Tall Twins Spiking the Volleyball for AU
DC breaks down into numbers: five Metro lines, four quadrants, three branches of government, and now the world’s tallest female twins. By Dana Schwartz
Comments () | Published October 1, 2006
American University freshmen Ann and Claire Recht hold the title in the Guinness World Records, with Claire measuring six feet, seven-and-a-quarter inches and Ann at six foot, seven-and-a-half inches.

From Canby, Oregon—just outside Portland—the twins both received scholarships to play on AU’s volleyball team.

Their biggest struggle at American? The twins barely fit in the extra-long dorm beds, which measure 80 inches long.

“You have to be six-foot-four to get an extra-long bed,” Ann says. “Obviously we fit that requirement, but Claire got one and I didn’t. I’ve been calling and calling but haven’t gotten a new bed yet.”


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