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Pirooz Sarshar

Owner of the Grooming Lounge

This article is from 2006's Men With Style package. To see 2007's Men With Style package, click here.
Photograph by Matthew Worden

Pirooz Sarshar, 34

Owner of the Grooming Lounge

What’s your fashion philosophy? I spend more on shoes, because I think they say a lot about the person. I buy my shoes from Gucci. What I love is the versatility—I can wear them with jeans but also with a suit and tie.

Where else do you shop? I buy my jeans from Denim Bar, and I buy shirts from Muléh or Calvin Klein in New York.

Favorite designers? Tom Ford for Men. I love his style. I love Gucci and the simple stuff from J. Crew.

Biggest splurge? It was sort of an accident. I bought a pair of Patrick Cox shoes in London. I thought I was paying $400, but it was pounds, so I ended up spending over $800.

Best bargain? I bought an amazing Dolce & Gabbana velvet blazer at a Florida outlet mall. It was originally $1,200, and I got it for only $50.

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