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Valentine’s Gifts on a Budget: Fun Finds for Your Sweetheart
Valentine’s Day can be stressful for the overworked and underpaid twentysomething. Chocolate, flowers, and dinner can quickly add up and, in turn, cut down on one’s budget for that perfect gift. But don’t fret—we’ve compiled a list of trendy and thrifty g By Alejandro Salinas
Comments () | Published February 4, 2008

Framed reproduction of Jim Dine’s Rancho Woodcut Heart ($50,
A heart for Valentine’s Day? Not very groundbreaking, and most guys may need some convincing before hanging it on their wall. Just remember to tell them what Dine once said about criticism: “I’ve never had an easy relationship with critics. I hold a lot of homicide in my heart. If this was another time, I’d be packing a piece.” That should be enough to give this gift some extra badass points.
Class tie ($49.99,
Keep your guy stylish à la The O.C.’s Seth Cohen with this fleck-patterned skinny silk tie. It’s good for both inside and outside the office . . .
Emilio shoe ($38.99,
. . . and would look great on your guy with some jeans, a corduroy blazer, and these shoes. Though available only in dark brown, this skate-style sneaker is versatile enough already—working both at a casual dinner and a late-night dance party at the Black Cat.


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