See Entries from the Phillips Collection's "Snapshot" Competition (Pictures)

The Dupont Circle museum offered a Nikon 1 camera to the winner of its art-themed photography contest.

By: Sophie Gilbert

Ever stop to wonder if your oh-so-artful Instagram snaps are actually gallery-worthy? To coincide with its recent exhibit, "Snapshot: Painters and Photography, Bonnard to Vuilliard," which looked at the influence of early photography on post-Impressionist artists, the Phillips Collection launched a competition to win a Nikon 1 camera. Entrants had to take a photograph based on one of nine selected works from the exhibition, being as creative as possible.

The winner, chosen at random from almost 100 entries, was Caroline Olsen from Chevy Chase, whose picture is displayed above. We've compiled some of the most interesting and original pictures into a slideshow, so take a look and let us know your favorite in the comments.

For more information about the Phillips Collection's upcoming exhibits, visit the museum's website.