Music Picks: Foster the People, Grouplove, Ziggy Marley

Our picks for the best in live music over the next seven days.

By: Jason Koebler

Thursday, June 7

Before Bob Marley, there was Jimmy Cliff—though not as well-known as Marley, some of his songs are nearly as famous: The ska and reggae pioneer made hits such as “I Can See Clearly Now,” and “You Can Get It if You Really Want.”

7 PM at 9:30 Club, $40.

They’ve been called the “English Strokes,” and it’s easy to see why: The Cribs make the same kind of jangly, up-tempo indie rock. Overseas, they have a huge cult following, but American audiences have been a little slower to embrace them. Get ahead of the curve at Black Cat tonight.

8 PM at Black Cat, $15.

Friday, June 8

Before he died, Chuck Brown was scheduled to play at the Hamilton Friday with the Brass-a-Holics, a go-go brass band out of the Big Easy. Instead, the Brass-a-Holics will perform a good ol’ New Orleans funeral tribute to the godfather of go-go, complete with members from his old band.

8 PM at the Hamilton, $27.50 and $38.

Legendary pianist and public-television fundraising star Yanni has sold more than 20 million records. His New Age tunes make the perfect background music for your Zen garden or your daily meditation sesh, but he puts on a good show, too.

8 PM at Wolf Trap, $30.

Saturday, June 9

Saturday is the DC Pride parade, so many of you will probably be out dancing. For those who want to take it easier, you have your choice of two singer-songwriters—Matthew Sweet, who’s really more of a power-pop rocker, or your mom’s favorite popstar, Gavin DeGraw, and his ubiquitous “Not Over You.”

Matthew Sweet: 7 PM at 9:30 Club, $25.

Gavin DeGraw: 7:30 PM at Wolf Trap, sold out.

Sunday, June 10

After selling out multiple shows at 9:30 last year and appearing just about everywhere, Foster the People have graduated to Merriweather, where live, the band is on-point, if a little cookie-cutter. Expect to hear the songs as they were recorded, in quick succession.

5:30 PM at Merriweather, $35 to $45.

With Alkaline Trio, Matt Skiba became known for his controlled chaos that drove punk fans wild. His solo act loses the electric guitar, but his lyrics still pack punch and are every bit as angry.

7:30 PM at Black Cat, $18.

Monday, June 11

It figures that Michael Bolton’s most popular song on Spotify is the collaboration he did with Andy Samberg’s Lonely Island—“Captain Jack Sparrow” is hilarious, if you haven’t heard it—but the soft rocker is obviously a legend with our without songs about giant squids. He’s sold more than 50 million albums and still looks like he’s 35—tell us your secrets, Mr. Bolton.

6 PM at the Howard Theatre, $65.

Tuesday, June 12

New Brunswick’s Bouncing Souls have somehow been around since the late ’80s, even though it doesn’t feel that long. They’re on the “punk” side of pop-punk, so be prepared to get pushed around and have a blast.

7:30 PM at Black Cat, $20.

The big deal about the Cult (not Cults) show at the Fillmore is the opener, Against Me!, whose leader, Laura Jane Grace, came out as a transgender last month. Grace has been performing as a woman all tour, and killing it. The band are just as angry as they’ve ever been—and they’re one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live. The Cult play random metal—don’t care.

8 PM at the Fillmore, $32.

Wednesday, June 13

Grouplove have gotten some radio love lately for “Tongue Tied,” an impossibly catchy dance song that’s shown up on iPod commercials, Glee, and Gossip Girl. Athens-based Reptar open—it’s their fourth DC show in the past few months but let’s hope they never leave. They’ll be selling out 9:30 as headliners later this year, easily. Their excellent debut LP, Body Faucet, recently came out.

7 PM at 9:30 Club, sold out.

Last week you got one of Bob Marley’s collaborators; this week you get his (most?) talented son, Ziggy. The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree with this one—his songs are best enjoyed on a beach somewhere, but the Howard will have to do for now.

8 PM at the Howard, $44.

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