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Jon Favreau’s Brother to Play Jon Favreau-Like Character on “1600 Penn” Tonight

The former White House speechwriter’s sibling plays a White House staffer named John.

Former White House speechwriter Jon Favreau with President Obama. Not to be confused with Swingers director Jon Favreau. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Forgotten all about NBC’s low-rated, probably ill-fated White House sitcom 1600 Penn? You’re not the only one. But if ever there was a reason to tune in, this is probably it: Former White House speechwriter (and official 2009 Beautiful Person) Jon Favreau tweeted today that his brother will appear on the show tonight, playing a White House staffer named John.

What’s that you say? Nepotism? Never. Andy Favreau, whose Twitter bio says he’s an actor and a Boston native who lives in Los Angeles, has previously appeared in What’s Your Number, the poorly reviewed 2011 movie starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans, as well as Mark of the Dog Rose, a seemingly low-budget mystery scheduled to come out in the fall. At least, so says IMDB.

Andy Favreau isn’t the only one with stars in his eyes—Favreau senior announced earlier this year that he was leaving the White House and moving to Hollywood to work on a screenplay. Hopefully he’ll have more luck with the entertainment industry than fellow White House speechwriter-gone-Hollywood-scribe Jon Lovett has.

  • Bob Gosse

    The brothers Favreau are this generations answer to Cagney and Lacey.

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