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Jamie Stachowski on the Joy of Life, His Work, and Sausages (Video)

The DC butcher’s fare will be featured on the Capella’s new brunch menu.

Butcher Jamie Stachowski is a good show even when he’s only preparing cuts of meat in his Georgetown shop. But he’s a great show when he’s in the spotlight in front of a group of fans and friends, talking about what he does and why. That was the scenario Wednesday evening on the rooftop of the Capella hotel, where Stachowski and the hotel’s head chef, Jakob Esko, introduced their new Sausage & Rye Brunch, which launches this weekend.

The menu will feature a variety of Stachowski sausages paired with sauces created by Esko, in addition to classics such as eggs Benedict and waffles. There will also be special rye-based brunch cocktails. Poured at the party was a version featuring blueberries, mint, and Champagne.

Still, the star of the party was Stachowski. We began recording a little of what he had to say—and ended up with a five-minute video, because his patter was never not entertaining, informational, or an inspiration for the appetite.

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  • klees81

    Can we get him to do a TED talk? Wow.

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