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Bordeaux Beauties: Why Canelés are Our New Favorite Sweets

Canelés marry the lightness of crepes with the crackling sugar of crème brûlée.

Photograph by Scott Suchman.

In the world of dessert, canelés are an underdog. Those who have had the Bordeaux-born confections—made from crepe-like batter baked in thimble-shaped copper molds—tend to love them fiercely for their custard-meets-cake insides and slightly chewy, burnt-sugar exteriors. But canelés have yet to receive the recognition afforded their macaron and madeleine cousins. Stéphane Muszynski, a Frenchman who works in sales at a software company, is seeking to change that with Smack, his canelé delivery service that debuted in February and serves DC and its immediate suburbs.

The chicly packaged treats are perfectly burnished and still delicious even after sitting around a few days. Muszynski has come up with flavors of his own—salted caramel, raspberry—but we can’t get enough of the vanilla-bean-flecked originals. Order them, in sets ranging from 8 pieces for $10 to 50 pieces for $45, at, and a satin-bowed box will arrive the next day. There might never be canelé bakeries on every corner, but Muszynski’s sweets deserve to hit the big time.

This article appears in the December 2012 issue of The Washingtonian.

  • Janet Reeler

    I ordered from Smack and a beautiful box of delicious pastries got delivered to my door. I strongly recommend them.

  • Laurent Peirrere

    These are delicious

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