Geoff Tracy Gives TED Talk on Achieving an Entrepreneurial Mindset

The local restaurateur shares the strategies he used to parlay a theology degree into becoming the owner of four successful eateries.

By: Tanya Pai

Geoff Tracy. Photograph by Yassine El Mansouri.

Local restaurateur Geoff Tracy, who helms Lia's and the three Chef Geoff's locations, delivered a talk at 2012's TEDxMidAtlantic conference about getting into the mindset of an entrepreneur. The talk, viewable as a roughly nine-and-a-half-minute video, includes, among other anecdotes, the story of how he walked into his first restaurant to find the freezers filled with months-old spoiled food, which he cleaned out himself because he couldn't find a company to take on the odoriferous project. 

For more on Tracy, check out Todd Kliman's story "Everywhere at Once: Geoff Tracy's Data-Driven Empire," about the chef created a complex system to ensure consistency and seamlessness of experience across his restaurant mini empire.