Seoul Food Truck Goes Brick-and-Mortar

One of our favorite Korean meals on wheels plans to set up shop in Silver Spring.

By: Anna Spiegel

We’ve been fans of Seoul Food since husband-and-wife owners Hyun Shil (who also goes by Anna) and Jon Goree opened the colorful, Arlington-based truck more than a year ago. This morning we discovered via their Facebook page that they’re opening a restaurant space in Silver Spring. Shil confirms that their first restaurant will be at 11310 Georgia Avenue, attached to the Exxon station formerly serving eats from Global Cafe African Grill.

While the menu is still being worked out, Shil says they plan to open for breakfast, lunch, and early dinner, with an estimated closing time of 8 PM. You may find an array of baked items in the morning alongside kimdap, Korean sushi rolls stuffed with ingredients like egg or kimchi. Mobile favorites such as hearty portions of bibim bap, kalbi (marinated short rib) burritos, and kimchi quesadillas will likely be on offer, alongside more seasonal specials; those in the past include japchae (yam noodles with beef bulgogi or vegetables), butternut squash curry, and coconut-custard cake. As always, the couple is committed to using organic meats, tofu, and vegetables, with plenty of vegetarian options.

Limited bar-style seating (sans alcohol) means you’ll dine in a little more comfort than at the truck, but carryout will be the main focus. Shil says the owners are remodeling the space and outfitting it with a separate entrance; it will also be accessible through the gas station. Check back in with us for more details closer to the opening, estimated for between March and April.