On the Matter of Lindsay Lohan’s Scuffle With a Congressional Staffer

The office of Illinois Representative John Shimkus is tight-lipped about the staffer who was involved.

By: Carol Ross Joynt

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Oh, to be a congressional office caught in the orbit of Lindsay Lohan. It’s not necessarily exciting or fun, and certainly no reason to go out and have a drink and a laugh. Just ask Steve Tomaszewski, press secretary for Illinois Representative John Shimkus. Or at least try to, as we did Monday morning. Over the weekend, a Shimkus staffer, Christian LaBella, was arrested early Sunday morning in New York after reportedly clubbing with La Lohan, returning with her to her hotel room, and getting into some kind of fight with her over cell-phone photos. She pulled a fire alarm, reports say, after the kerfuffle with LaBella. She said he grabbed her. He said she grabbed his phone. Whatever happened, he spent a few hours in the slammer and was released after the charges were dropped.

But that doesn’t mean intrepid journalists weren’t hot on the follow-up. We tracked down Tomaszweski at Shimkus’s Collinsville, Illinois, office to ask a few questions. It was clear he’ll be happy when Lohan moves on to her next moment of tabloid news.

Is Christian LaBella on your staff?

He is an employee.

Is he an intern?

No. But I can’t say anything else about his employment.

Where does he work?

He is based in DC.

How long has he worked for you?

He’s been with us for months. I don’t know the exact time frame.

Have you or anyone on the staff talked to him since he was released?

I believe there has been communication with him at this point.

Has the Congressman talked to him?


How did you find out about the incident?

I found out from a person in the media, and I only know what’s been reported in the media.

What kind of impact has this had on your office?

The offices are open, and we’re going about our business.

Are the phones ringing off the hook?

Just mine.

Do you know where LaBella is?

I’m not going to comment on his whereabouts.

Will the Congressman talk to him about Lohan and what happened?

No comment.

Congress is not in session now, but when you do return, do you think the staff will have a drink over this and laugh about it?

I’m certain that won’t happen.