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Robert Griffin III Gives Up Social Media for His Honeymoon

His last tweet: “Talk to you guys in a week.”

This must be serious. Newly married Robert Griffin III started his honeymoon with the announcement that he would be going social media silent for a little while. That’s startling news from one of the most prolific tweet fiends in pro sports. He wed Rebecca Liddicoat in Denver on Saturday and on Sunday posted two tweets. The first gave fair warning to his followers:

Tweets will stop in a little while for many days because you know….IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!…..AGAIN!!!

And the second:

Well brohams and brohamettes, I’m out. Enjoy the music video posted to my Facebook page and talk to you guys in a week

The video he mentions is on YouTube and, while good-natured, almost defies explanation: It appears to be him, wearing a mask, dancing, and rapping, with two women on backup (Liddicoat? Her sister?). It also appears—from the pans hanging from the ceiling in the background—to have been filmed in the kitchen. The title? “Pop Rocks & Tootsie Pops.”

RGIII is famously a fan of hip-hop. Is a gig as rap artist in his future? No telling, but maybe he should keep doing rehab on that knee, and let the honeymoon begin.

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