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A quick and easy way to improve any look. By Caroline Cunningham
Image via Shutterstock.

Pocket squares certainly aren’t a new concept in the world of menswear, but their current popularity among stylish gentlemen has local brands like Hugh & Crye producing the accessories in all different shades, patterns, and fabrics.

The benefit of wearing a pocket square during a swampy Washington summer is that it means you can get away without a tie, thus freeing your neck for some much-needed air flow.

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All photographs by Lauren Joseph.

On Saturday night, 2,500 guests congregated for the second annual DC Diner en Blanc on the lawn of the Carnegie Library. In the tradition of the pop-up dinner--which was initially launched in Paris nearly 30 years ago--none of the guests knew the location of the dinner until they arrived at the library, guided by their table leader.

As the swarms of white-clad guests set up their Diner-en-Blanc-approved square tables, it became clear which attendees had decided to go above and beyond in this celebration of European opulence. From feathered headdresses to glowing table centerpieces and towering floral arrangements, Diner en Blanc has never pretended to be a regular picnic. And it’s guests like these that make sure it stays that way.

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The Maryland School for the Deaf grad is excited to start "shattering people's thoughts." By Caroline Cunningham
Image courtesy The CW Network, LLC.

In January, America’s Next Top Model brought their casting call to the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City with the promise that all types—tall and short, male and female—would have a shot at a spot on the show’s twenty-second season. But when Nyle DiMarco landed a role, the modeling competition opened up to a whole new type of inclusive: DiMarco is the show’s first Deaf contestant.

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Tips from Bonobos' VP of design, Dwight Fenton. By Caroline Cunningham

After sharing what women can do to stay cool and look professional during DC’s swampiest months, including summer office-appropriate dresses and even pants that can be worn when it’s sweltering outside, some of our gentlemen readers have asked an important question: “What about us?”

Men of DC, to aid you on your walk to work or muggy Metro ride while dressed in a suit and tie, we got in touch with Dwight Fenton, VP of design for menswear brand Bonobos, to get his best tips for staying stylish this summer.

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7 tips for surviving July and August. By Sarah Zlotnick
Photograph by OJO Images/Alamy.

August may not deserve its bad rap—2014 saw Washington’s fewest 90-degrees-and-above days in a decade—but you wouldn’t know it from stepping outside. This final stretch of sticky summer is typically an uncomfortable, uninspiring time for workplace attire. Simplify what it takes to look polished with some easy ideas.

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It can be done, if you just believe in yourself (and buy the right pants). By Caroline Cunningham

During the summer, sleeveless dresses and lightweight skirts are a lady’s best bet for staying cool and comfortable. But when the heat turns up outside, the temperature in office buildings tends to plummet, so sometimes bare legs aren’t the best option. If you’ve got an active day ahead or you’ve just worn all your skirts and dresses on repeat for a month, you’ll be looking for some DC muggy-summer-appropriate pants. Here’s how you can wear the pants without sweltering.

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All the fashion, beauty, and style tips you'll need to survive a summer in DC.
Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Fringe is having a moment. Here's how to incorporate the style into your day-to-day wardrobe. By Sarah Ehlen
Local blogger Sara Azani of Style MBA wears a fringe top that she picked up at H&M for $19. Photograph courtesy Sara Azani.

Feeling like fringe is everywhere these days? So do we, though after it being spotted all over the runways at New York Fashion Week, none of us should be too surprised. Though the trend may recall 1970s fashion divas or music festival style goddesses, this summer’s fringe trend has gone mainstream. Bags, sandals, skirts, jackets, and more can be found with a sliced up trim this season, bringing that laid-back, Coachella-infused look to the sidewalks of DC.

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The first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one. Hey there, pit stains. By Caroline Cunningham
Image via Shutterstock.

We all know the armpit stain: the ugly yellowish circle beneath the arm holes in our shirts that are a result of a build up of sweat and the chemicals in deodorant. They come as a side with every hot-day-and-white-shirt combo, and they have us holding up our white shirts against the light in the morning, saying resignedly, “Well, as long as I don’t lift my arms.”

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