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DIY: How to Make J.Crew’s $22 Cloth Wrap Bracelet For Under $2
This super-easy bracelet takes less than ten minutes to make.
By Sarah Zlotnick
Photographs by Kelci House.
Comments () | Published June 4, 2012
This season’s resurgence of friendship bracelets has us perpetually on the hunt for fun, colorful additions to our arm parties. And while we instantly fell in love with this J.Crew cloth bracelet, the style had us thinking back to our summer camp days, when we made bandana versions of these by the wristful. Using only fabric scraps, pretty buttons, and a small jar of water, this sweet bracelet set can be yours in under ten minutes (and well under J.Crew’s $22 price point!). Read on for the instructions.

Materials: Colorful, batik-printed cotton fabrics work best for this, and you can source many from the scrap bin at your local fabric store. You’ll also need scissors, a small glass of water, and decorative buttons that feature a loop below the ornamental piece.

1. Cut strips of fabric half an inch wide. Here, we used all the same cloth, but feel free to use all sorts of fabric if you’re looking for a more colorful jumble. Length-wise, they should be three to four inches longer than double the circumference of your wrist. One strip of fabric equals one bracelet.

2. Completely submerge a fabric strip in water, then wring it out. Using wet fabric allows the bracelet to hold its twisted shape later on.

3. Have a friend hold one end of the now-wet fabric strip, or tape it to a sturdy surface. Twist the fabric tightly all the way down to the other end. Then thread a button to the halfway point of the twisted fabric strip. Take care to make sure everything remains taut.

4. Let go of the button and allow the twisted fabric strip to automatically twist around itself for the second time. Smooth out any bumps in the bracelet.

5. Tie the loose ends of the fabric in a tight knot. When the bracelet is wrapped around your wrist, the knot should sit just past the button so the bracelet fits comfortably. Thread the button through the loop created by the knot.

6. Cut off the excess fabric.

7. Repeat as many times as desired with as many different fabrics as desired! We think four look great together, but a single one of these bracelets would be a great way to simply dress up your wrist.


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  • Hbuchinsky

    you can find the buttons anywhere. just buy buttons with a hole/loop on the back instead of the 2 or 4 hole versions that go through the face of the button

  • Adrienne

    Hi, I love the idea, but after scouring the web for "ornamental" and "decorative buttons, I can't seem to locate the right kind of button online to try this DIY. Can you give me any leads on what this kind of button is called, and where I might find it online? (carless Washingtonian.)

  • KC Ellis Sledd

    I love the DIY ethic, but Indego Africa is an innovative fair trade company that should be supported. There's value beyond the piece of cloth.

  • sarahzlot

    Very fair point KC! The company is a indeed a good cause to support, and I definitely considered that while creating this post. I should have addressed your point in the introduction to this feature.

  • Katharine Ragsdale


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