Hey Dudes! Step Up Your Sartorial Game With the WW Club

The founders of DC’s newest style speakeasy are here to help you get dapper with a lookbook and some easy-to-follow advice.

By: Sarah Zlotnick

Good news, guys: Menswear is experiencing something of a renaissance in Washington right now. Between all the awesome new places to shop, homegrown shirt and tie labels, and dapper Washingtonians rocking bold looks in our What I Wear to Work column, there's never been a better time to amp up your style game. The latest evolution of the scene? A super-cool "style speakeasy" happening Thursday, April 26. Masterminded by Elise Peterson of It's Vintage Darling, bow-tie maker Eliot Payne of Accoutre, and favorite Shop Around photog Kate Warren, the first WW Club (it stands for Whiskey and Women) event will feature a selection of menswear from Jack Spade, Federal, It's Vintage Darling, Dr. K's Vintage, Ginger Root, Alton Lane, and The Good Kin. There will also be a burlesque performance, a whiskey tasting, and a stocked bar. General admission is $10, and $25 gets you advance access at 6:30, a half-hour open bar, and a private burlesque performance. Tickets are available here.

Afraid to show up without already looking the part? No worries--Peterson and Payne styled a killer lookbook for the event (you can click through some choice shots in the slideshow above) and offered up eight simple guidelines for giving your closet a much-needed kick in the, well, pants. Happy clothes hunting!

From Elise:

1) If you wore it in high school, it should not still have a place in your closet. Seriously. Graphic T-shirts, cargo shorts, white sunglasses (the bane of my existence)--get rid of 'em! These items are women repellers.

2) The only time running shoes should be worn is while running. In fact, workout gear is made for working out--period.

3) The beauty of menswear is that it's very detail-oriented. No matter how casual the ensemble, don't be afraid to accessorize. Adding a watch, ring, leather bracelet, or pocket square, or even layering with a vest or blazer, shows you put thought into what you wore.

4) Invest in great-quality classic pieces. Even if you are not the swankiest man, a crisp white shirt, dark denim, and a classic shoe, be it a Clark or a Chuck Taylor, will never go out of style.

From Eliot:

1) Grab your favorite pair of pants, slacks, or chinos. Just one pair. Take them to a tailor (click here for a list of Washingtonian's favorites) , not your dry cleaner's alterationist. Have him or her make sure those pants fit impeccably. Maybe taper the leg a bit. Once you see the results, you'll go back.

2) Toss out your square-toed shoes. Do not donate them. THROW THEM AWAY. Get them out of the system! Go buy a pair of quality shoes and take care of them--maybe a wingtip that can work for the office or go a bit more casual with nice jeans.

3) Every time you leave the house, try to make a point of wearing at least one great accessory (a watch, a pocket square, a tie bar, a bag, whatever). It doesn't have to be expensive.

4) Step outside your comfort zone, whatever that means to you.