Illustration by James Seward.

Travel Essentials From 4 Washington Moms

Their favorite getaways and travel must-haves.

1. Jennifer Bressan

Brand manager, CIBU International


Mom to AJ, 2, and a baby girl, due in early October

Favorite local getaway: “Charlottesville is the total package: a 90-minute drive delivers rich history, the Blue Ridge Mountains, lots of art and culture, and a delicious foodie scene.”

Packing must: “An ample printed wrap that connects your travel color palette but can also act as blanket, turban, even an entire wardrobe in the face of lost luggage.”

Hot tip: “Fill designer-shoe dust bags with baby paraphernalia and toss into a tote to camouflage kid stuff and pay chic homage to stilettos past. I believe actual diaper bags are a plot against personal style.”

Dream destination: “A villa on St. John, equipped with nanny, cook, and open wine cellar. You said dream, right?”

2. Michelle Olson

Stay-at-home mom and social activist

Mom to Olivia, 16, Scarlett, 8, and Channing, 2

Favorite local getaway: “It’s local-ish; Sea Pines, in Hilton Head, South Carolina. I’ve been going since I was four years old, and there’s no place on earth any of us would rather be.”

Packing must: “Sunscreen! For the beach, each person in the family brings flip-flops, tennis shoes, a bathing suit, cover-up, shorts, and T-shirts. We can usually fit it all in two suitcases for the five of us.”

Hot tip: “In a carry-on, pack enough food to get to your destination. We typically have apples, almonds, and power bars. Also, plenty of paper towels and wipes, because it never fails to get messy when you travel.”

Dream destination: “The Galápagos Islands, which we intend to visit next year.”

3. Betsy Fischer Martin

Senior Executive Producer and Managing Editor, NBC News

Mom to Ella, 12

Favorite local getaway: “We have spent a few fun Thanksgivings at Greenbrier in West Virginia. Lots to do for the entire family; in the winter we like to stay in one of the cottages, where you can enjoy the fireplace.”

Packing must:

“Whatever you bring, make a list. Check it twice.”

Hot tip: “Get started packing the night before you leave. It makes hunting for “lost” items less stressful.”

Dream destination: “South Africa, which we did this summer. We went on a photo-safari, plus visited Cape Town and Johannesburg.”

4. Angie Goff

News Anchor, NBC4

Mom to Adora, 3, and Bob, 1

Favorite local getaway: “Being history lovers, my husband and I were drawn to Monticello. We fell in love with the charm of Charlottesville, and we enjoyed staying at Keswick Hall; it’s family-friendly and has breathtaking views.”

Packing must: “Pick a palette. Pack a neutral piece first, then add two more colors you can mix and match. In my suitcase now are a lot of whites and solids, and a print that has navy and peach.”

Hot tip: “Make lists. I got into making lists of my kids’ outfits because they often travel back to South Carolina, where my husband lives. With kids’ clothes, things are small and easy to lose. I find little checklists are easy for me and for my husband.”

Dream destination: “I dream about the day I can return to the Far East. I was born and spent most of my childhood in South Korea; I really want my family to see and learn more about the culture I come from.”

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