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4 Must-Haves When Traveling With Kids

Remember these carry-ons for stress-free traveling.

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1. Snacks

A hungry child is one bad passenger. Airlines rarely have meal service and if they do have snacks for purchase, you have to wait until they get to your row. Always pack snacks in the kids’ carry-on bags. Same goes for road trips!

2. Charge Those Devices!

Don’t forget to bring your fully charged iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Devices can mollify cranky children (and husbands) with games, movies, shows, and books. However, the devices will also help you track your flights, check weather and traffic conditions, and even find the lowest price for gas while you’re on the road.

3. Don’t Forget Crayons…

…and paper, small toys, and books to keep wee ones distracted. Family travelers on long trips, go into your playroom dig around to find some forgotten small toys, wrap them and give them as “surprises” along the way.

4. Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

All we can do to try and stay clean and germ-free.