Photograph by Kip Dawkins.

3 Beautiful Floral Arrangement Ideas

Make your house a haven for fresh blooms with these arrangements of lush florals.

1. Let There be White

You don't always need to rely on a professional to whip up a beautiful display of abundant blooms.


If time is of the essence, head to the farmers market or another supplier and choose your favorite flowers.

“Make sure you have a good set of clippers,” advises Christopher Vazquez, co-owner and principal designer at Amaryllis. “And be sure to cut your flower stems at an angle to help them absorb the most water.”

Vazquez says the best way to create a high-impact arrangement is to start with the container—anything from an antique pitcher to a modern vase will do the trick.

2. Lavish Lavender

Whether for the dinner table or the coffee table, a single-hued bunch of seasonal flowers adds life and color to any room.

For this arrangement, Amaryllis Floral and Event Design used hydrangeas, lilacs, tulips, and sweet peas in shades of purple and lavender.

3. Minty Fresh

“Hydrangeas Are Great To work with for beginners because they have great volume and no thorns.” Vazquez also suggests staging several smaller vessels with just a few blooms and foliage accents, if one big arrangement seems daunting.

In general, says Vazquez, whose rule of thumb is to “go local, go seasonal, and design with one type of flower as the lead,” scale is key. “People have a tendency to go too small; we say, Go big!”

Arrangement of parrot tulips, viburnum, hellebores, penny cress, hosta leaves, and mock orange by Amaryllis Floral and Event Design.

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