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Cal Ripken will forever be linked with 2,632, the number of consecutive games he played from 1982 to 1998. But as Ripken says farewell to the game, here are numbers that offer other measures of baseball's Iron Man.

1. Year Ripken broke into the major leagues: 1981

2. Dow Jones Industrial Average on the day of his debut: 943

3. Major-league minimum salary in 1982: $33,500

4. Ripken's salary in 1982, his first full year in the majors: $200,000

5. Ripken's salary in 2001: $6.3 million

6. Estimated total salary from 1982 to 2001: $73 million

7. Estimated percentage of income Ripken derives from sale of memorabilia: 25

8. Number of Ripken-related items selling on eBay: 5,434

9. Price of Ripken-autographed home jersey: $899

10. Price of Ripken action figure: $19.95

11. Price of autographed 1987 Sports Illustrated issue with Cal Sr., Cal Jr., and Billy Ripken on the cover: $499

12. Number of times Ripken appeared on cover of Sports Illustrated: 6

13. Number of times Ripken appeared on a box of Wheaties: 5

14. sales ranking of his autobiography, The Only Way I Know: 63,146

15. Number of fans who voted for Ripken as an All-Star from 1982 to 2001: 36 million

16. Attendance at Memorial Stadium and Camden Yards (projected) from 1982 to 2001: 55 million

17. Number of managers Ripken played for: 9

18. Number of Ripken hits: 3,171

19. Total distance Ripken ran on those hits: 88 miles

20. Number of major-league players to go on the disabled list during Ripken's consecutive-games streak: 3,695

21. Number on the Oriole jersey that will soon hang in the Baseball Hall of Fame: 8

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