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Home Design 2003: Walls

Leather Walls, Trompe l'Oeil Ceilings, and Other

Even with all the extra features that are being added in master suites these days, a bedroom isn't a high-traffic area. So it's a place people feel comfortable using more fragile or luxurious wall coverings.

Think leather tiles, metallic accents, hand-painted wallpaper, and paint techniques such as glazing, murals, and frescoes. A master bath might feature a mosaic in ceramic or glass tile.

"Durability is not as necessary, so you can get away with something less contact-oriented," says designer Deborah Houseworth.

Serene blue is the classic bedroom color, but cool greens aren't far behind. Some clients prefer hot, bright colors. "If you need something to get you out of bed in the morning, that might be just the ticket," says interior designer JoAnn M. Zwally of Ashton Design Group.

Since you spend a fair amount of time stretched out in bed or in the tub, don't forget the ceilings.

"Ceilings have become just as important as floors and walls," says interior designer Lynda Hughley Camalier. Zwally says some clients have trompe l'oeil clouds painted on the ceiling.

Designers now see as much crown molding in bedrooms as in living and dining rooms. A wallpaper border around the ceiling is another nice touch.